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San Diego STEM Ecosystem

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San Diego region is a STEM Ecosystem of diverse stakeholders committed to cultivating and sustaining a robust and equitable STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) community that provides opportunities for rich and effective lifelong STEM experiences in- and out-of-school for all learners of all ages throughout our region.

The STEM ecosystem supports bringing together local stakeholders across education, science and business sectors to ensure all students have opportunities to develop the knowledge and skills they need to thrive. The local initiative in San Diego is reimagining how community partners, in and outside of school, can coordinate efforts and align resources to provide quality STEM education for more students. When we surround San Diego residents with STEM-rich learning environments, our region, individuals and businesses can reach their full potential.

Mutually Reinforcing Activities
● Build county-wide networks primed for collective action initiatives
● Identify and support the expansion and activation of existing models that are replicable across the network.

The San Diego STEM Ecosystem is part of a national initiative. This initiative is focused on making sure students can move through an ecosystem of learning opportunities (schools, libraries, science centers and STEM-based businesses, to name a few) to grow their knowledge and skills. The Ecosystem also implements the Collective Action Method: common agenda, shared measurement, mutually reinforcing activities, continuous communication, backbone support.

Current Working Groups:
● Innovation in K-12: Focusing on cross-sector collaboration in multiple school districts
● Expanding Access: Forming cross-sector groups of STEM Champions in specific neighborhoods to set up capacity for collaborative neighborhood programs and initiatives outside of school
● Women in STEM: Capitalizing and leveraging programs for girls and women in and out of school through networking and collaboration
● Business Partnerships: Focusing on cross-sector collaboration between corporations and other entities to benefit STEM opportunities
● Early Childhood STEM: Encouraging and expanding STEM educational opportunities for children ages 0-5
● Environmental Education: Connecting environmental educators to training, teachers to curriculum, families to programs, and everyone to STEM learning through nature.

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