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The Curiosity Corps

Afterschool/Out-of-School Time

Humans are explorers by nature, and we learn best when we discover our own interests, abilities, strengths, and uniqueness through exploring the world around and within us. The Curiosity Corps focuses on the deep, fundamental thought skills that are largely overlooked by traditional teaching methods to help participants of all ages to look at things through new eyes and fresh perspectives. Humans are also social creatures, and the learning process is enhanced when it becomes a social activity. The Curiosity Corps uses film and lively group discussion as a basis for learning how to learn for personal enjoyment and intellectual stimulation, allowing participants to explore not only a very wide variety of subjects and topics, but more importantly to begin exploring their own mental space: How do we think? How do we utilize evidence? How do we react to new and potentially conflicting ideas and perspectives? What drives and motivates us? What special qualities to we bring to the world and the people around us? How do we relate to and connect with the many subjects that we are taught in school and in life? How can we use our understanding to improve ourselves, our lives, and our world?

We are often overloaded with information, but are unable to see how it all fits together into a bigger picture. At The Curiosity Corps, we teach both careful observation and large-scale thinking, to help participants develop a deep understanding of the principles and mechanisms at work around them, and to also see how subjects interact at many different levels, such as the moving expressiveness of art, the neurology of perception, the physics of light, the chemistry of color, the economics of pigments, and the history that binds them all together.

Learning is for everyone, and despite what some may believe about themselves or others, everyone is capable of learning and flourishing in their own way. Far too many individuals go through school and life believing (or even being told,) that they are unintelligent and incapable. We strive to dispel this myth, and help participants connect with their true capabilities, strengthening the person and the mind through the simple, yet essential tool, of humankind's greatest gift: Our ancient, child-like sense of Curiosity.

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