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College of Science and Mathematics, CSUSM

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Our college builds upon the successes and accomplishments of the prior College of Arts and Sciences, which was established in 1991 as a "scholarly community committed to providing comprehensive, high-quality education for students in a rapidly-changing world." The College of Science and Mathematics continues to promote this vision, through exemplary teaching, innovative curricula, and excellence in research. Integral to the College's instructional mission is the generation of new knowledge through research and creative activity. We provide a supportive learning atmosphere, with rich opportunities for students to interact with their peers and to work with faculty in their research laboratories.

The College of Science and Mathematics includes over 100 tenure-track and lecturer faculty in 5 departments, and offers 9 bachelor of science degree programs, several with multiple tracks, as well as 6 master of science degree programs. The College also contributes broadly to the general education of CSUSM's student body.

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