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The virtual Young Scientists Club is a science enrichment program for children in grades 1-6, and is a virtual outshoot of a program that has run over the past couple of years in Carmel Creek Elementary. It is led by Dr. Elena Koslover (UCSD physics) with the aid of UCSD graduate students. We meet monthly over Zoom, for an hour. Each session consists of a very short introduction to a scientific concept or idea, followed by hands-on activities that allow students to take measurements and further explore the concepts. Past activities have included making a scale model of the solar system, modeling viral infections, and exploring Newton's Laws with balloon rockets. Worksheets detailing activity steps and questions for discussion are provided.

Younger students (grade 3 or below) should have a parent with them to help carry out the activities. Many of the activities are done with common household materials. Some may require <$10 of equipment, with purchase links provided. The program itself is free of charge. No commitment is required and families can participate in as many or as few sessions as they choose.

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