San Diego STEM Ecosystem

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San Diego is a STEM-rich Region 

To be ready for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow, the next generation needs to be equipped to make thoughtful decisions and solve problems. If our region makes sure that all learners have a chance to be immersed in STEM—science, technology, engineering and math—then we will develop the kinds of thinkers we need today and in the future.

The STEM ecosystem initiative cultivates and supports bringing together local stakeholders across education, science and business sectors to ensure all students have opportunities to develop the knowledge and skills they need to thrive. The local initiative in San Diego is reimagining how community partners, in and outside of school, can coordinate efforts and align resources to provide quality STEM education for more students. When we surround San Diego residents with STEM-rich learning environments, our region, individuals and businesses can reach their full potential.  

Common Agenda

Create a San Diego where every learner is at the center of a rich ecosystem of connected STEM learning opportunities and STEM-supportive individuals.

  • Mutually Reinforcing Activities
  • Build county-wide networks primed for collective action initiatives
  • Identify and support the expansion and activation of existing models that are replicable across the network
  • The Foundation of STEM Ecosystems

STEM ecosystems believe in:

  • The joy of exploration and learning together
  • Access to excellent STEM educators and educational opportunities for all learners
  • Locally empowered communities of practice, enacting change informed by a model and mission of their own design
  • Cultivation of partnerships
  • The value of STEM in preparing people for satisfying work that supports a quality life

The San Diego STEM Ecosystem is part of a national initiative. This initiative is focused on making sure students can move through an ecosystem of learning opportunities (schools, libraries, science centers and STEM-based businesses, to name a few) to grow their knowledge and skills. Learn more about this movement.

Join the San Diego STEM Ecosystem

Through a series of Design Studios and meetings, partners focused on reimagining STEM learning in San Diego are meeting to discuss the next steps for the local initiative. As part of this, working groups are evaluating key issues and have formed on the topics of:

  • Corporate Partnerships
  • Early Childhood STEM
  • Environmental Education
  • Expanding Access
  • Innovation in K-12
  • Women in STEM

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